National Batik Day 2022

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Indonesia celebrated National Batik Day, a significant occasion chosen because on October 2, 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized batik as Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

In honor of National Batik Day, Damar Bali School enthusiastically participated in the festivities by organizing a captivating Batik-themed fashion show competition for its students.

The competition featured two categories: one for Playgroup and another for Kindergarten students, both of which witnessed active participation from the children. Damar Bali School was privileged to have a distinguished panel of judges, including Mrs. Devi Yuliana Pande, a core member of I AM Model Management – Bali; Ms. Diah Fatmawati, a Bali-based model; and Ms. Vherina Effendy, a passionate fashion enthusiast.

The fashion show competition at Damar Bali School culminated in the announcement of winners in each category:

Playgroup Category:

1st Place: Senja

2nd Place: Eleanor

3rd Place: Askha

Favorite Choice: Anggia

Kindergarten Category:

1st Place: Asael

2nd Place: Seinna

3rd Place: Tiara

Favorite Choice: Leo

Be sure to browse through the captivating photos capturing the excitement and creativity showcased during this memorable fashion show event!