Damar Bali School’s playgroup activities are thoughtfully designed to emphasize physical play and practical life exercises while incorporating the Montessori method. This approach not only fosters physical development but also instills important values such as independence, self-discipline, etiquette, and environmental awareness. In essence, our playgroup program revolves around the concept of learning through play.

To ensure a well-rounded development, all these activities are meticulously planned within a structured curriculum. This curriculum provides children with diverse play opportunities, ample time for exploration, and optimal educational stimulation, ensuring that every facet of a child’s potential is nurtured and developed.

Damar Bali School’s early childhood program goes beyond conventional learning. We focus on cultivating nine intelligences in young children:

  1. Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence: Activities include story-telling, pre-writing exercises, presentations of children’s projects, and literacy/library activities. This intelligence hones language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, understanding word order and meaning, and using language correctly.
  2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: Through simple science classes, counting, and computer classes, we engage this intelligence to develop number processing, mathematics, and logical thinking.
  3. Spatial-Visual Intelligence: Activities like playing with dough, building blocks, puzzles, drawing, and coloring classes nurture this intelligence. Children with spatial-visual intelligence revel in imagination and are drawn to shapes, images, patterns, designs, and textures.
  4. Kinesthetic-Bodily Intelligence: Dancing classes, gymnastics, and swimming classes encourage physical coordination and balance. Children with this intelligence thrive on physical activities and may find it challenging to sit still for extended periods.
  5. Musical Intelligence: Encompassing music classes, singing, and dancing, this intelligence is developed through a rich musical environment.
  6. Intrapersonal Intelligence: Leadership skills are fostered through family gathering games. This introspective intelligence allows children to understand themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.
  7. Interpersonal Intelligence: Involving charitable activities, school bazaars, group play, and sharing, we encourage social skills, including interaction, teamwork, empathy, conflict resolution, and compromise.
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence: Engagement in activities like animal classes, plantations, and school outings enhances the ability to recognize and categorize plants, animals, and other natural elements, fostering an interest in the study of living species.
  9. Existential Intelligence: Participation in religious activities and celebrations of significant religious days encourages children to explore profound questions about human existence, purpose, and meaning. Existential intelligence often leans towards philosophy and spiritual understanding.

At Damar Bali School, we believe that nurturing these intelligences in early childhood lays a strong foundation for holistic development, empowering children to excel in all aspects of life.