Early childhood education (PAUD) plays a pivotal role in optimizing children’s development, and this core belief is at the heart of Damar Bali School’s curriculum. We are deeply committed to nurturing the potential within each child, and our dedication to providing the finest education is reflected in our exceptional programs. We seamlessly blend Montessori teaching methods with character formation to create a well-rounded educational experience.

At Damar Bali School, our programs offer a diverse range of engaging indoor and outdoor activities, including:

  1. Outings and Field Trips: Aligned with our learning themes, these excursions enhance children’s understanding of the world around them.
  2. Literacy Activities in the Library: We foster early reading interests, encouraging a love for books and learning.
  3. Cultural Preservation: Through local content such as traditional dances (megambel, mekidung, Balinese dance), ogoh-ogoh parade, and crafting canang offerings, we instill a deep appreciation for our rich cultural heritage.
  4. Extracurricular Activities: Our monthly extracurricular offerings, including swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, drum band, art classes, cooking classes, and music classes, provide opportunities for talent development and exploration.
  5. Religious Values: We instill important religious values through the celebration of major religious events like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Saraswati Day, and through short religious courses (Pesantren Kilat).
  6. Independence and Responsibility: Activities such as student camps, green initiatives, smart shopping, and encouraging savings promote independence, responsibility, and eco-consciousness.
  7. Cultivating Social Attitudes: Through participation in social activities and bazaars, we nurture social skills, empathy, and a sense of community.
  8. Teamwork and Leadership: Our family gatherings focus on nurturing teamwork and leadership skills, essential for personal growth.
  9. Confidence Building: Children enhance their self-confidence through presentation projects based on various themes, learning to express themselves effectively.
  10. National Pride: We celebrate Indonesian culture and heritage by observing important events such as Kartini Day, Independence Day, and National Batik Day, fostering a sense of national pride.

At Damar Bali School, we believe that a well-rounded education encompasses not only academic excellence but also character development and a strong sense of identity. Our commitment to providing exceptional early childhood education reflects our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to excel in all aspects of life.