Childcare, known as Taman Penitipan Anak (TPA) in Indonesian, is a vital component of non-formal Early Childhood Education (PAUD) that continues to see significant growth. These centers have emerged to provide essential care, guidance, and social interaction for toddlers when they are apart from their parents.

At Damar Bali School, our TPA program offers several key advantages:

  1. Experienced Caregivers: Children are under the direct care of experienced caregivers, guided by educational psychologists specializing in child development. This ensures that the curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s specific developmental needs.
  2. Knowledgeable Care Staff: Our caregivers possess in-depth knowledge of child development, guaranteeing a nurturing and enriching environment.
  3. Safe and Comfortable Environment: The TPA center is designed to offer a safe, comfortable, and meticulously clean environment, prioritizing the well-being of the children.
  4. Homely Atmosphere: We’ve created a homely atmosphere within our rooms, fostering a sense of security and comfort for the children.

Through play activities at TPA Damar Bali School, children undergo comprehensive development. These activities enhance their social-emotional skills, language proficiency, cognitive abilities, fine and gross motor skills, while also instilling important moral values and religious teachings.

Our commitment to providing exceptional TPA services reflects our dedication to fostering the holistic growth and well-being of your child. At Damar Bali School, we understand the importance of TPA in your child’s early years and are here to provide a safe, enriching, and nurturing environment for their development.