As a young educational institution, Damar Bali School takes great pride in its recent participation in the 13th Anniversary celebration of the Badung Regency’s Capital, Mangupura. This remarkable event unfolded at the Puspem Badung Field in Mengwi, Bali, on November 16, 2022.

The festivities of the 13th Anniversary of the Badung Regency’s Capital were highlighted by a dazzling array of artistic and cultural performances. The celebration commenced with the enchanting Sekar Jepun dance, performed by individuals with hearing impairments, symbolizing the auspicious beginning of the event.

A significant feature of the Mangupura Anniversary celebration was an Endek fashion show, showcasing traditional Balinese fabric attire. Remarkably, this fashion show was presented by students from Early Childhood Education (PAUD) centers across the Badung Regency in Bali. Representatives from various districts, including Mengwi, North Kuta, Petang, Abiansemal, Kuta, and South Kuta, participated in this showcase, with each district sending male and female representatives, totaling 20 students.

Damar Bali School had the distinct honor of representing the South Kuta district in the Endek fashion show. The School’s Headmistress, Ms. Kadek Martini, joined Nabił and Kulal as student representatives in wholeheartedly participating in rehearsals held at the Puspem Badung Office. The Endek fashion show garnered an appreciative audience, including prominent figures such as Mrs. Seniasih Giri Prasta, the Chairwoman of TP PKK Badung, who also holds the position of Mother of Early Childhood Education in Badung. Additionally, esteemed attendees included I Made Suwardana, a member of the Badung Regional House of Representatives, Mrs. Kristiani Suiasa, Vice Chairwoman of TP PKK Badung, Mrs. Ayu Parwata, Chairwoman of Gatriwara, Mrs. Rasniathi Adi Arnawa, Chairwoman of DWP Badung, and various women’s organizations in Badung.

Damar Bali School’s active participation in this eventful celebration not only contributed to the preservation of cultural and artistic heritage but also exemplified its dedication to community involvement and progress.