“Halloween” Costumes Party 2022

Every year on October 31st, Halloween festivities take center stage, marked by lively costume parties. These events aren’t limited to adults; children of all ages eagerly join in the fun.

Damar Bali School, a newly established institution nestled in the heart of Jimbaran, Bali, embraced this spirited tradition by hosting a Halloween party on October 28, 2022. The party kicked off at three in the afternoon, captivating the imaginations of over 100 children. Attendees included both Damar Bali School students and youngsters from the local community, making it a vibrant and inclusive celebration.

Parents got in on the action too, with many of them embracing the costume theme. The Halloween extravaganza featured an array of engaging activities, from mesmerizing magic tricks to a lively costume parade, creative rock coloring, donut decorating, and the exhilarating piñata smashing. Adding to the fun, food and beverage stalls offered a delectable selection, including siomay, empek-empek (Indonesian fishcakes), brownies, and traditional treats like pastel basah, alongside an assortment of delightful fruit desserts—all of which proved to be a hit with the attendees.

Damar Bali School’s commitment to sustainability was evident in the eco-friendly decorations crafted from recycled materials like wooden branches, dried leaves, and leftover fabric. As the sun set on this enchanting Halloween gathering, the “Best Costume” winners were announced, and the accolades went to:

Zada (Playgroup A) Nixon (Playgroup B) Kathleen (Kiddie 1)

This festive event created by Damar Bali School brought boundless joy to all participants, forging unforgettable memories for everyone involved.