At Damar Bali School, we take immense pride in our team of dedicated and experienced educators who play a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of young learners in Jimbaran, Bali. Our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, with a strong foundation in Early Childhood Education (PAUD). Their unwavering commitment is to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment that nurtures learning and growth.

Our educators are equipped to:

  1. Customize Teaching Approaches: Our teachers tailor their methods to suit the unique needs and developmental stages of each child, ensuring personalized education.
  2. Promote Holistic Development: We focus not only on academic skills but also on nurturing social, emotional, and moral growth, creating well-rounded individuals.
  3. Design Engaging Learning Experiences: Our educators craft activities that ignite curiosity, encourage exploration, and make learning a delightful adventure.
  4. Instill Character Values: Values such as empathy, respect, and cooperation are seamlessly integrated into daily interactions, promoting holistic character development.
  5. Monitor Progress: Our dedicated team closely tracks the progress of each child, offering timely feedback to parents to ensure a collaborative approach to their development.

At Damar Bali School, our team of experienced teachers is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching learning environment. We believe that every child has the potential to thrive, and it is our mission to help them unlock that potential. Join us in Jimbaran, Bali, for a pre-school, daycare, kindergarten, or playgroup experience led by caring and experienced educators.

Teachers Profile at Damar Bali School

Meet Ms. Kadek, a devoted educator and avid adventurer hailing from the picturesque town of Jimbaran, Indonesia. Armed with a degree in Early Childhood Education from the renowned Universitas Terbuka Denpasar, she seamlessly blends her teaching prowess with her love for hiking and globetrotting. Over two decades of teaching experience, Ms. Kadek has left an indelible mark as a kindergarten teacher, shaping young minds. Today, she assumes the role of Head at TK Damar Bali School, where her focus lies in providing a comprehensive educational experience. Ms. Kadek’s inspiring journey underscores the harmonious balance between a passion for education and a zest for life’s adventures, making her a true role model for educators and adventure enthusiasts alike. Explore the story of Ms. Kadek, an exceptional educator and an adventurous spirit.


Often referred to as Ms. Anggi, I am a graduate in Early Childhood Education (S1 PAUD) from Open University. My journey in the realm of early childhood education commenced in 2014, and in 2022, I became a part of the Damar Bali School community, where I continue to contribute my expertise. With nearly a decade of teaching experience, I’ve delved into the intricate world of early childhood development, gaining insights into the unique personalities and diverse abilities of each child. It’s my firm belief that every child possesses distinct capabilities, and as educators, it is our duty to provide unwavering support to enable them to flourish to their fullest potential. Join me on this inspiring journey of nurturing and empowering our young learners.

Commonly addressed as Ms. Dewi, I am a graduate of Mahasaraswati University in Denpasar. I joined the Damar Bali School community in 2022, where I have had the privilege of teaching Playgroup students. My heart is deeply connected to working with children, and engaging with them in play has been an enlightening journey that has taught me invaluable lessons.

I find inspiration in the following quote: “Through learning, you can gain more knowledge and experience, so never stop learning, start with the simplest things.”

Meet Ms. Lia, affectionately known by her students, serving as the dedicated assistant teacher in Playgroup A Class. With a background in Hospitality Management from Bali State Polytechnic, Ms. Lia brings a unique perspective to the early childhood education scene. Her passion lies in understanding the diverse characters of children, making every day in the classroom an adventure of discovery. For Ms. Lia, the journey of learning and teaching is a harmonious cycle, where her dedication shines through in nurturing young minds. Join her in this captivating voyage of education and enlightenment.


Meet Ms. Anik, affectionately known as the guiding light in Playgroup B. A graduate from Ganesha Education University with a degree in Early Childhood Education (S1 PG Paud), Ms. Anik’s teaching journey spans an impressive 8 years. Her heart resonates with the world of education and the innocence of children. To her, the true essence of teaching lies in awakening the joy of creative expression and knowledge acquisition in her young learners. Join Ms. Anik in the delightful realm of early childhood education, where every day is an opportunity to inspire and educate.

Meet Ms. Putri, a dedicated assistant teacher in Playgroup B. Graduating from Ganesha Education University with a focus on English Education, she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in March 2023. Teaching, for Ms. Putri, is a joyful endeavor. She thrives in the lively classroom environment, relishing the opportunity to engage with a wide spectrum of young personalities. Join Ms. Putri in the world of early childhood education, where her enthusiasm and interaction skills create a vibrant learning atmosphere.


Meet Ms. Risma, an accomplished early childhood educator with a degree in Early Childhood Education (PG PAUD) from Ganesha Education University. Fondly known as Ms. Risma at Damar Bali School, she is entrusted with the role of a class teacher in KD.1 A this year. With 7 years of teaching experience in kindergarten, Ms. Risma’s heart brims with joy when she sees the smiles on children’s faces. To her, their happiness is a world of dreams come true. Join Ms. Risma on a journey of nurturing young minds and spreading happiness.

Meet Miss Anggun, a dedicated educator born and raised in Jimbaran. Her teaching journey commenced at Damar Bali School, where she discovered her true passion. Working with children brings her immense joy, and her primary goal is to provide them with the finest education and experiences during their early years. Join Miss Anggun on a mission to nurture and educate young minds, making a lasting impact on their golden years.


Meet Miss Widia, known as a warm presence at Damar Bali School. Joining the school in 2022 as an Assistant Teacher, she has since taken on the role of class teacher for KD. 1B in the academic year 2023/2024. With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting Information Systems from STIMIK Primakara and 6 years of experience in early childhood education, particularly in reading and writing, Miss Widia is passionate about teaching young minds. She finds immense joy in engaging and playing with children, allowing her to understand each child’s unique personality. Join Miss Widia on an exciting journey of discovery and learning.

Meet Ms. Ade, a seasoned English educator with a degree from Mahasaraswati University in Denpasar, graduating in 2014. Ms. Ade’s teaching journey spans a wide age range, from toddlers to adults, showcasing her versatility in imparting the English language. Her expertise and commitment make her a valuable asset in the field of language education. Join Ms. Ade in the exciting world of English learning and linguistic exploration.

Meet Ms. Arry, a mathematics educator and a proud graduate of PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia University, specializing in mathematics education. With a wealth of teaching experience, Ms. Arry has successfully imparted knowledge to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. Her dedication and expertise in the field make her a valuable asset in mathematics education. Join Ms. Arry in the world of numbers and mathematical exploration.


Meet Ms. Komang, affectionately known as Ms. Komang, at Damar Bali School. With a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ganesha Education University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Ms. Komang’s heart is deeply connected to the world of early childhood education, where she has dedicated 7 years of her career to nurturing young minds in Kindergarten. Join Ms. Komang on a journey of fostering the growth and development of the youngest learners.

Meet Miss Via, an enthusiastic educator with a passion for both teaching and exploring the world. Holding a degree in Indonesian Literature from Udayana University, she brings a deep understanding of language and culture to her teaching. With 4 years of experience teaching Indonesian language at Bintang Mandiri School and conducting private lessons, Miss Via is a dedicated educator. Her journey continues at Damar Bali School, where she shares her knowledge and love for learning with her students. Join Miss Via on a voyage of education and adventure.


Meet Miss Ria, affectionately known as Miss Ria, at Damar Bali School. Armed with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ganesha Education University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Miss Ria has spent 7 years teaching in Kindergarten, where she thrives on interacting with children. To her, being with children is not only a joy but also an opportunity for continuous learning, for a true teacher is one who embraces lifelong learning while imparting knowledge. Join Miss Ria on a journey of education and exploration in the world of early childhood.

Meet Ms. Ajeng, fondly known as Ms. Ajeng, at Damar Bali School. With a degree in Elementary School Education from Sunan Ampel State Islamic University, she brings her passion for education to the classroom. Currently, as an assistant teacher in KD 2B, Ms. Ajeng is committed to assisting in the development of young minds. Her dedication and educational background make her a valuable addition to the teaching team. Join Ms. Ajeng on a journey of fostering the growth and education of elementary school students.



Meet Ms. Tini, a devoted educator at DAMAR BALI SCHOOL. With two years of experience in our daycare program, she plays a vital role in nurturing and guiding children through their critical stages of development. Her passion for early childhood education ensures that young learners receive the best care and guidance during these formative years. Join Ms. Tini at DAMAR BALI SCHOOL for a nurturing and enriching daycare experience.


Meet Ms. Suci at Damar Bali School. Born and raised in Jimbaran, she pursued her education at SMK Widya Pura in Denpasar. With a rich background in the tourism industry spanning over two decades, Ms. Suci now embarks on an inspiring journey as a daycare teacher. Her diverse experiences and dedication to nurturing young minds make her a valuable addition to our team. Join Ms. Suci at Damar Bali School for a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm in early childhood education.


Meet Ms. Sugik, affectionately known as Ms. Sugik, at Damar Bali School. After an extensive 11-year career in the banking sector, she transitioned to become a dedicated educator. Armed with her education from Bali State Polytechnic University, Ms. Sugik brings a unique perspective to the classroom. Her joy lies in teaching and engaging with children, enabling her to continually expand her understanding of the world of youngsters. Join Ms. Sugik on a rewarding journey of teaching and nurturing young minds.


Meet Ms. Mirah, affectionately known as Ms. Mirah, at Damar Bali School. With 8 years of expertise in the hospitality sector, she transitioned to a fulfilling role as an educator at Damar Bali School in 2022. Graduating from SMK PGRI 5 Denpasar with a focus on Culinary Arts, Ms. Mirah’s unique background enriches her teaching style. Her passion for both culinary arts and education ensures a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Join Ms. Mirah in her exciting journey of teaching and nurturing young minds.