Damar Bali School is your trusted educational institution in Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, offering a comprehensive learning experience for playgroup, kindergarten, daycare/childcare, and preschool. Our educational philosophy seamlessly integrates modern technology with traditional values and the vibrant Indonesian culture. We prioritize bilingual proficiency, with our curriculum incorporating both Indonesian and English languages, ensuring students develop strong communication skills.

At Damar Bali School, we embrace a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) approach, fostering critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and innovation. Our enriched curriculum also incorporates Phonics and Montessori methodologies, laying a solid foundation for reading, spelling, and promoting independent, hands-on learning at a pace tailored to each child.

Our holistic approach ensures a dynamic and engaging learning environment catering to individual interests. We take pride in nurturing tradition and celebrating Indonesia’s rich heritage, instilling a deep sense of identity in our students. Damar Bali School is on a mission to empower students to pursue their dreams, nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

In our second year, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our campus, featuring three additional classrooms for each grade. For the 2023-2024 academic year, all classrooms are bustling with eager students, and each class enjoys the support of an extra teacher’s assistant, ensuring a supportive and enriching educational journey for every child. Join us at Damar Bali School for an outstanding educational experience, led by experienced teachers, in the heart of Jimbaran, Bali.



Students of Damar Bali School (Damar Bali School) will receive computer lessons every Monday to Thursday. During these lessons, students will be equipped with fundamental education about what a computer is.


Sports activities at Damar Bali School are included in the extracurricular activities every first week of the month, namely Taekwondo and Swimming.



The art activity room at Damar Bali School is currently under preparation and will be implemented soon.

Extracurricular Activities

An extracurricular activity that has been conducted at Damar Bali School is our visit to a Turtle Conservation Center located in Serangan, Bali.

National Batik Day 2022

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, National Batik Day was commemorated in Indonesia. Why was October 2 chosen? Because on October 2, 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated batik as Indonesia's cultural heritage.

“Halloween” Costumes Party 2022

Damar Bali School, a newly established school in the Jimbaran area of Bali, was no exception and organized a Halloween party on October 28, 2022. The costume party, which began at three in the afternoon, successfully captured the interest of children. More than 100 children attended, including both students of Damar Bali School and those from outside the school.

National Teachers Day 2022

National Teacher's Day was established by President Soeharto on November 25, 1994, through Presidential Decree Number 78 of 1994 regarding National Teacher's Day. One of the initiatives by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology for the 77th National Teacher's Day is to recognize and appreciate inspirational teachers and educational staff.

13th Anniversary of Badung Regency’s Capital, Mangupura

At our young age, we, Damar Bali School, feel immensely proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the 13th Anniversary celebration of the Badung Regency's Capital, Mangupura. The event took place at the Puspem Badung Field in Mengwi, Bali.